Happiness is Contagious

It's a Monday morning again. The happiest of all weekdays, coz its the day to get back to doing what you love the most, make ideas happen. Yes, that's the difference of having us by your side. We find our joy in coming up with ideas that make your cash register ring. I think there is one enemy to Happiness and that's stress. Stress from tight deadlines, too much to achieve and a steep growth curve that you charted for your brand. While you will always want to achieve more for your brand our mission is to help you achieve it without much stress.  Heres How.- Having worked with a wide spectrum of clients in the industry we have learned to plan our lives and our clients lives thus creating templates that structure our effort and actions in a way to meet timelines with ease.  Here we offer three levels of offerings that enhance your joy in every way. Right from bringing consistency to your work to optimising your workflow and adding the planning lense to your brand helping yo…

Happy Agency Hai Kya?

When I think about it, and introspect 'What differentiates us? At UCID?'.
Unconventional work yes, responsiveness to clients needs yes, consistently delivering results yes.
But then these are the expected traits of an agency. What else would keep clients staying with us, choosing us over the others- year after year.
While addressing a batch of fresh MBA grads yesterday, we stumbled up on the golden circle. While explaining the golden circle of communication, made famous by Simon Sinek, I caught myself saying in my head, "It's not the 'What you do' it's the 'WHY you do it' is what matters".
People work with people who believe in what they believe and not because of what they do...and this is truly what differentiates us.
We believe we are a HAPPY AGENCY, we love our work, we find happiness in our work, we believe that our work is an expression of happiness and not a mere means to bring in our pay-cheque.
We transfer this Happiness, in turn to o…